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Photo by
Tom Wachs

Our sole business is to provide MODESTLY-PRICED framed art, prints and photographs for Government and Corporations... and we now offer QUICK-SHIP packages.
Business Experience
For over 30 years, ONE CALL solves the whole problem -- art selection (small or large committees), in-house CUSTOM framing, the use of existing art, shipping and installation.
Noted for
WASHINGTON images are one of our specialties. Ask about our FREE PLANNING sessions for LARGE PROJECTS -- budgeting, needs assessment, art preference and art selection -- the information needed for a useful proposal. There is no obligation.

Our HIGH QUALITY CRAFTMANSHIP and METICULOUS installation set the industry standards - pleasing the most painstaking designers.
Photo by Tom Wachs
The process we use is intelligent, thoughtful, FUN - and uniquely efficient in the use of valuable committee time.
We are often seen jumping through hoops - and did we say this? Quick-Ship packages are now available.


Photo by
Tom Wachs
We solve the logistics of THOUSAND-UNIT projects, but we also provide for SINGLE OFFICE efforts.
No Surprises
No unexpected charges -- our work is done ON TIME and TO BUDGET.
We understand the need to relate the themes and images to YOUR MISSION and regional context.

Our MULTI-CULTURAL imagery selection includes all major publishers and the best of the smaller ones.
Easy to try

SEE why we keep our clients for years....

EXPEDITE with our email service.

TRY one of our QUICK-SHIP Packages.

CALL Isabel or Pam at 1-540-743-4553.
Free Guidelines

REQUEST one of our guidelines - just email us your choice from below and your address.
  Art Selection Guidelines avioart@earthlink.net
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We are specialists in large-scale, committee-driven Art Selection, Prints, Framing and installation projects for the Corporate, Government and Health Care communities.
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